WE USE VIRTUAL REALITY TO HELP ATHLETES GET BETTER AND TEAMS WIN GAMES.  We provide the only football training tool that allows you to get realistic repetitions as if you are in a real live game.

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How It Works

Getting Started Is Easy

1. We Take Your Playbook and re-create it in Virtual Reality

2.  Your players start getting better

3. You start coaching smarter and more productive

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See The Game Like Pros

Getting up to 12 times more repetitions can increase your ability to see the field like NFL players do.

Reduce Injuries

No matter what level you play at, reducing the amount of hits your body and head are exposed to will limit your risk of injury.

Youth to Pro Pricing

We offer training packages and solutions that fit everyone’s skill level and budget.  

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Who’s Using SIDEKIQ?

SIDEKIQ helps football players to improve and take their game to the next leve, and excel once they get there.
We are currently working with hundreds of football coaches and thousands of football players.

  • The potential the VR technology brings to help train athletes and assist teams to win games is cutting edge and something which I believe in. The body has finite reps but the mind has infinite reps. VR’s ability to train the mind without incurring additional demands on the body is unrivaled. Until EON Sports VR, no coaching or teaching medium has been able to train the mind to the realistic level that VR can provide.

    Bill Renner- State Champion HS Coach NC and VA
  • “This state-of-the-art training will greatly benefit our student-athletes and makes Kansas a leader of Virtual Reality in sport,” Kansas Director of Athletics Sheahon Zenger said. “We constantly seek responsible and innovative ways to help our student-athletes and this cutting-edge technology brings a great opportunity to our football team.”

    Sheahon Zenger- University of Kansas Athletic Director
  • EON Sports has created a Cutting Edge technology that will benefit both coaches and players at all levels. Virtual reality is the most advanced teaching tool available on the market today.

    Scott Maxfield- Henderson State Head Coach
  • “As a player and now a coach, I have always felt there must be a better way to get the reps needed for developing players. Now there finally is, and I’m excited to be a part of something that will revolutionize football development.”

    Nate Longshore- Former Cal QB & Current QB Trainer
  • “The coaching community is one where we never want to stop learning. This technology is great not only for coaches looking for an edge X and O wise, but also for players looking to get repetitions that simulate competition. The potential this can have with respect to training and practice is huge.”

    Tim Salem- Assistant Coach University of Illinois




Ask how you can get started for $195 today

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 No problem. We will program your plays for you.

We take either your paper X and O’s:

Starter Package
We take your Playbook and re-create 40 plays it in Interactive 3D
Varsity Package
We take your Playbook and re-create 60 plays it in Interactive 3D
Pro Package
We take your Playbook and re-create 80 plays it in Interactive 3D

Or we can re-create your game film:

Silver Package
We take your game film and re-create 30 plays in 3D for you
Gold Package
We take your game film and re-create 65 plays in 3D for you
Platinum Package
We take your game film and re-create 140 plays in 3D for you

How it works:

1. You send us game or practice film, or X and O’s

2. Within 24-48 hours we send you the Virtual Reality version

3. You start practicing and training more efficiently

4. You dominate your competition



There are many ways to experience Virtual Reality.  Contact us and we will find the right hardware for you.

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Did you know that most injuries in football happen in practice?

Training in Virtual Reality lets you get more repetitions, while reducing the amount of hits your head and body take.

How’s that for training safer and smarter?


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